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The Art of Mandalas Workshop

Join artist Daniel Bowler to connect with your creativity and learn about the symbol of the mandala, which is prevalent throughout Asian art, culture and philosophy. Daniel Bowler is a practising artist and creative workshop facilitator who specialises in the art and philosophy of mandalas. The workshop will begin with a short presentation and introduction to mandalas, which will then lead into a creative drawing exercise. No previous art experience is required. You will need: Something to draw on – At least one or more sheets of paper (A4 recommended) not in a sketchbook/notebook Something to draw with – Pencil or coloured pencil and pens Other tool/s (desirable) – Compass This event will be held online on Zoom. You will receive the Zoom details and joining instructions near to the day of event. Please connect your phone or computer 5 minutes before the event is due to start and have your art materials ready.

Daniel Bowler



Animal Origami Course – Beginners to Intermediate

This course is designed for beginners to up the skills to intermediate level. (Maximum 12 people) Course Overview: Join us in this exclusive origami course designed by Tony Samuels, our resident origamist. In this four-part course, Tony will introduce you to the basic techniques and fundamental principles of origami, which will develop your confidence with folding models from diagrams and level up your origami skills. Each workshop is designed to build on the week before, and you will develop your skills as well as produce an array of fun and impressive origami models! Session 1: Fundamental Folds (5 May) This workshop will show you how to read the standard origami diagrams used worldwide, as well as some of the fundamental techniques and ‘base’ models which underpin so many well-loved examples of the art. Session 2: Jumping Frogs and Cute Cats (12 May) In this workshop, you will develop your knowledge of folding techniques, illustrated by the classic ‘jumping frog’ model and a sophisticated cat. Session 3: Pigs and Sumo Wrestlers (19 May) In this workshop we will consolidate the skills from previous sessions to create a pig with personality! The concept of the ‘crease pattern’ is also introduced, as we study an award-winning Sumo wrestler design from the Japanese master origamist, Hideo Komatsu. Session 4: A Tale of Two Kitties! (26 May) In our final workshop, we will be working with guided folds to create an elegant cat by Vietnamese designer, Hoang Tien Quyet. This intermediate model leads into some closing thoughts on how you can continue your origami practice after this course and some shared resources. Detailed course information, material list and joining instructions will be sent after booking is completed. Tony Samuels is a member of British Origami Society and has held several

Tony Samuels


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